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vilamoura Golf Holidays

A selection of our amazing vilamoura golf trips

While golf in Vilamoura is a huge draw, it isn’t the only draw.

As a resort location in the Algarve region of Portugal, this site is known for many different things. This beautiful location is not only known for golf in Vilamoura, but it’s also known for casino, large marina, and the gorgeous Vilamoura beach. This means that you can not only plan an amazing golf holiday Vilamoura, but you can also take in many other sights and activities while you are here.

The beautiful weather that you can enjoy when you come during the right seasons are perfect for having a beach day at one of the many picturesque beaches here. These beaches are the perfect way to spend time with your family off the golf course, or for you to just enjoy when you want a break from seeing all the great golf courses here.

Vilamoura is ideal for those looking to combine golfing with a relaxing holiday. With easy access to other areas in the Algarve region, visitors can explore the beauty of southern Portugal while staying in Vilamoura. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience everything Vilamoura offers.

A selection of our golf trips and villas for vilamoura:

Evg531 Golf Holiday To The Old Village, Vilamoura 1

EVG531 Golf Holiday To The Old Village, Vilamoura

8 people, 5 nights, 3 rounds of Golf at Millennium – Pinhal Laguna. From only £535 per person! Perfect group golf holidays.

Golf Holiday In Vilamoura Jash2

EVG801 Golf Holiday in Vilamoura, Portugal

Golf Holiday in Vilamoura. 10 people, 4 nights. 3 rounds of Golf at Millenium, Pinhal & Laguna. Only £550 per person! Save £100 per person!


EVG555 Vilamoura Golf Trip

Stunning 4 bed villa, Pestana courses. 5 nights – 4 people or 4 couples, 3 Rounds of golf at Vale de Pinta, Alto and Silves. From £365 pp

Golf Package Holiday In Vilamoura Algarve Portugal

EVG466 Vilamoura Golf Trip

Vilamoura Golf Trip. 5 nights – for 4 people, 3 Rounds of golf at Millennium, Pinhal and Laguna golf courses. From Only £385 pp!

Evg119 Vilamoura Golf Trip 01

EVG119 Vilamoura Portugal Golf Trip

Fantastic 5 bedroom Villa in central Vilamoura. 5 nights for 10 people, 3 Rounds of golf at Millennium – Pinhal & Laguna. From just £585 pp

Evg351 Vilamoura Golf Trip 04

EVG351 Vilamoura Golf Trip

Amazing 8 bedroom villa in Vilamoura. 5 nights, 16 people, 3 Rounds of golf at Millennium, Pinhal and Laguna, only £440pp. Exclusive to EVG.

Golf Trip To Vilamoura, Portugal 01

EVG977 Vilamoura Golf Trip

Fantastic 10 bedroom villa in Vilamoura. 3 rounds of Golf at Millenium, Laguna & Pinhal. 4 nights, 12 – 20 people, from £465 pp.

vilamoura portugal golf holiday 01

EVG770 Vale Do Lobo Golf Holiday in Vilamoura

Package offer: 14 people, 7 nights, 3 rounds of golf at Vale do Lobo Ocean and Royal from just £395 per person. Perfect for group golf holidays.


EVG888 Golf Holiday In The Algarve, Portugal

Package offer – 6 people, 5 nights, 3 rounds of Golf at Vale do Lobo Roayl and Ocean. From end of October to end of March. From only £495 per person.

EVG777 Golf Holiday In Vilamoura

EVG777 Golf Holiday In Vilamoura

Exclusive Villa Golf package EVG777 is a luxury, newly fitted out villa located in the Old Village area of Vilamoura in the Algarve.

Enjoy Your Villa Golf Vilamoura Trip

This location abuts the town of Quarteira, which also offers more stunning beach locations that you can enjoy while here. From classic sandy beaches to red cliff lined beaches at the nearby Falésia Beach, you have no shortage of great beaches to choose from during your trip to Vilamoura.

In addition to beaches, there are so many other things to do while you are here. For instance, you can check out the Cerro da Vila archaeological museum, which features a ruined Roman villa that has ancient bathhouses and mosaics to take in. You could also enjoy some time at the casino at night.

For your golf trip Vilamoura, you have plenty of options of activities to choose from. You are nearby locations that have great shopping and food and drink, allowing you to spend your free time doing any activities that make you happy. You will especially enjoy the food and drink offerings while you are in Vilamoura. If you are looking for an incredible location for your next golfing trip, Vilamoura should absolutely be on your list.

Golf Breaks in Vilamoura

Vilamoura is also a top draw for golfers. Its five championship-level courses are renowned for their world-class quality and breathtaking ocean views. The six-time European Tour venue, Oceanico Victoria, is a particular highlight and ensures that Vilamoura is at the top of any golf enthusiast's list of locations to visit.

When you combine Portugal's stunning landscapes with its top Vilamoura golf courses, it's easy to see why it continues to be one of the best golf destinations in Europe. Whether you're looking for an easy-going round or an intense challenge, Portugal has it all - making it the ultimate way to relax and play.

Vilamoura is a popular destination for golf lovers. It boasts of five golf courses that are designed by renowned golf architects, such as Arnold Palmer and Nick Faldo. These courses are known for their stunning views of the ocean and the lush greenery. Some of the popular golf courses in Vilamoura include the Victoria Golf Course, which is home to the Portugal Masters, and the Old Course, which is one of the oldest golf courses in Portugal.

Vilamoura Golf Breaks

Nestled in the heart of the Algarve region of Portugal, Vilamoura is a purpose-built luxury resort that boasts some of the finest golf courses in Europe. With a mild climate all year round, the resort offers perfect conditions for a golf holiday any time of the year.

Vilamoura's beautiful marina, stunning beaches, and wide accommodation options make it a popular destination for golfers and non-golfers. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a beginner, Vilamoura offers a golfing experience that is second to none.

Luxury and Prestige: Vilamoura Resort in Portugal

Located in the sunny Algarve region of Portugal, Vilamoura is a purpose-built resort designed with the tourist industry in mind. Although it sacrifices an authentic Portuguese atmosphere, it provides outstanding tourist facilities and services that make it the most refined Algarve resort town.

Ideal Weather in Vilamoura for Golfing and Beach Relaxation. With mild winters, pleasant spring and autumn, and long hot summers, visitors can expect average highs of 28°C during the summer months and 16°C between December and February. The wettest months are usually April, October, and November, while July and August are generally dry. Visitors should note that the peak tourist season is from July to August, while most tourist facilities close at the end of October and re-open at Easter.

Vilamoura: The Perfect Golf Break

Vilamoura is renowned for its great golf courses, offering six excellent 18-hole facilities managed by the Oceanico Golf Company. The courses are known for their high standards and top-quality facilities, and the region boasts numerous championship courses. The Old Millennium Golf Course and Victoria Golf Courses are among the most iconic and highly recommended. Laguna golf course and Pine Cliffs golf course are also noteworthy.

Accommodation And Beautiful Marina. Vilamoura offers accommodations for various budgets and preferences, including luxurious five-star hotels, private villas, and apartments. The resort is centered around a stunning marina with a 1000-berth capacity, surrounded by elegant hotels, restaurants, and bars. Visitors can enjoy a pleasant stroll along the beautiful promenade in the evening along with Vilamoura golf courses.

Pristine Beaches in Vilamoura! After a morning tee-off, Vilamoura offers a great opportunity to unwind on its two beautiful golden sand beaches. Praia de Falesia is situated west of Vilamoura marina and extends to Olhos d'Agua. At the same time, Praia de Vilamoura can be found to the east and stretches to Quarteira. For those seeking more adventure, Vilamoura provides various motorized water sports activities, including jet skis, banana boats, and parasailing. Enjoy the best golf courses in Vilamoura.

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